Our Vision:

To be successful in the 21st century, the school visualises its students

  • From religious to being perceptive
  • From Indian to being global Indian
  • From fearful to being courageous
  • From law avoidance to being law abiding
  • From casual to being consistent
  • From conservative and outdated to being open minded and embracing the new
  • From inferior to being dignified
  • From ignorant to being aware
  • From obedient to being respectful and self reliant
  • From one dimensional to being balanced
  • From individuals to being leaders and team workers
  • From stressed to being healthy (physically, mentally and spiritually)


Our Mission:

To deliver educare and mould the total personality of the student by developing his mind, sharpening his intellect, nurturing his creativity, strengthening his body and above all enriching his character and imparting him values that make him a good human being and a good citizen.