Attended by

29.01.2020 CBSE IBM AI SEWA Programme Students of class XI
22.01.2020 Workshop on Mental Health Students of class VIII
22.01.2020 Workshop on Single Use Plastic Pollution Students of Ecoclub
27.12.2019 Workshop on Good/Bad Touch Students of classes I-V
26.12.2019 Workshop on Conservation of ill effects of plastic by Sony BBC Earth Students of classes VI-VIII
10.12.2019 Workshop on Parenting tips Parents
18.12.2019 Workshop on Leadership Skills Students of class XI
10.12.2019 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Students of class XI
07.12.2019 Workshop on Pithora, a Ritual Art Form Students of class IX
26.11.2019 Anger and Anxiety Management Students of class IX
25.09.2019 Art of Debating Workshop MUN participants
24.09.2019 Teenage Challenges Workshop Girl Students of Middle Wing
09.08.2019 Workshop On Transforming Education Students of class XI
10.07.2019 Workshop on Ecosystem Conservation Students of class VIII
09.07.2019 Workshop on Debating Skills Girl Students of Middle Wing
31.05.2019 Workshop on ‘Beat Air Pollution’- Students of class XI
07.05.2019 Workshop on Prevention of Asthma Students of class XI
24.04.2019 Meditation &Power Dialogue Workshop Students of class II & III
24.04.2019 Solar Observations Workshop Students of class VIII
16.04.2019 MUN Conference Workshop Intra-MUN participants
07.04.2019 Dental Hygiene Awareness Workshop Students of class VI-VIII