Good Student

A student should read books apart from their academics. Books are best teacher in life. A student should have the ability to obey their parents, teachers and to fulfil expectations. Students should be joyful and enthusiastic about learning new things. She/he should understand things than memorizing them. Memorizing may help to score good grades but it will never help in learning. Understanding the concepts will teach about it for the lifetime. Once the student leaves the classroom then the concepts will be forgotten if they are memorized.


IV Aqua

Stars in the Night Sky

When the twilight was infinite,

The moon was shining bright

In the company of it’s, thousands of companions,

Stars in the night sky.

Some of them stand out

While some blend in,

Whispering to each other in the deafening silence.

Another one falls fulfilling desires.

Along boundless prayers.

To the silhouettes of man,

And the little ones,

They are precious stones,

Hanging with the invisible thread in the blinding dark.

Tined from shining all night,

They hide behind the coming sunshine.

The howl of the night disappears

A new day arises,

With the prayers of the creatures of night

For another peaceful and silent twilight.



Simple living and high thinking….

Lives of all great men and women have been a source of inspiration for every generation of people. One can learn so much from their thoughts and actions. The foremost aspect of their lives which can be brought into practice in our daily lives is the act of simple living.  Not one to run after the luxuries of life and embellishment of body, great men and women have always lived a simple life. They have a paid attention to a healthy life and intellectual pursuits. They concentrated their energies in creating, lasting legacies in the form of books, sculptures, dramas poetry etc. they have been a contrast to those who have paid so much attention to objects of external embellishments. It is said that those who have too much in their worldly vaults have little to show in the region of intellect. Such people move on the superficial level of human existence. A person cannot hope to improve upon his character if he is occupied with external comforts. In order to achieve a higher intellectual level a person has to learn to forego many luxuries of life, so that enough energy is generated in our minds to absorb the salient aspects of human existence.



  1. The school has started assembly in the morning session daily it is appreciable.
  2. As the student/child is like a monkey he should be controlled by love & discipline at the same time.

The level of discipline has been increased after the new principal has took the charge.

The school is working for good causes such as the collection of chapattis for the poor under the “Roti Bank” programme as well as raising funds for the Kerala flood.

Also, the teachers’ prime motive is not only to educate us, instead we are educarers. Apart from syllabic academics, curricular activities are planned as well as moral values are instilled.


Anusha Bhardwaj