S. No. Particulars / Details Description
2 Website Address
3 Name and Address of the Proprietor / Director Ms. Neeraj Vohra (Principal)
4 Phone/ Mobile Number and E-mail ID of establishment / person incharge of contract work 011-27572591

5 Name/ Address of the place or site where the contract workers are to be employed Within the premises of TITIKSHA PUBLIC SCHOOL, SECTOR-XI, ROHINI, DELHI-110085
6 Phone/ Mobile Number and E-mail ID of person incharge of the site 011-27572591

7 Copy of Power of attorney/ Board Resolution authorizing to act as P.E.  PDF
8 Copy of MOA/ AOA/ Partnership deed / Proprietor’s ID Proof PDF

9 Nature of work for which contract workers are to be engaged / employed LABOUR STAFF
10 Form “V” issued by P.E. to each contractor- Rule 21(2)                                   PDF  PDF

11 Notice of commencement / completion of contract work- Rule 81(3) PDF

12 Application on Form I- Rule 17(1) PDF
13 Agreement with each contractor along with rate and no. of workers for which contract has been given  PDF
14 Letter of extension of contract period issued to contractors, in case of renewal of license  Extension letter 001
15 Affidavit by P.E. regarding compliance of Rule 25(2) (V) and that wages to contract workers are being paid through Account Payee Cheque / ECS  PDF
16 Name and designation of the person authorized under Rule MS Neeraj Vohra (PRINCIPAL)
17 Challan of Registration Fee (G.A.R.-7)  Challan
18 Registration Certificate No. under CLRA Act 1970   Registration Registration 1
19 Registration Number / Certificate under the Companies Act, 1956  N.A.
20 Registration number / Certificate under the Delhi hops and Establishment Act, 1954 / Factories Act, 1948  N.A.
21 Copy of application for amendment  N.A.
22 Annual Return – Rule 82(2)  N.A.
23 Details of Contractor  PDF
24 Registration Certificate No. of P.E. / Contractor Labour License No. and valid up to
25 Registration No. under the Registration Act, 1908
26 Registration No. under partnership Act, 1932
27 Registration No. under the Companies Act, 1956
28 Registration No. under the Delhi Shops & Establishment Act, 1954  N/A
29 Registration No. under the factories Act (for P.E.)  N/A
30 Registration No. of Employees ESI Act, 1948 22001113640007302
31 Registration No. EPF and Misc. Provisions Act, 1952  DLCPM0014053000
32 Service Tax Registration No. AAATT4603NSD001
33 Sale Tax Registration No.  07294912053
34 PAN Card No. AAATT4603N