The School Enterprise Challenge, run by Teach A Man To Fish, is a global business start-up Awards Programme for schools around the world with up to $50,000 in prizes available for the most entrepreneurial schools, teachers and students.

This Awards Programme guides and supports teachers and students to plan and set up real, sustainable school businesses. Students get the chance to gain hands-on experience of running a real business and generate real profits to help support their school or a social cause of their choice.

Titiksha Public School has been participating in School Enterprise Challenge for the past 4 years in a row under the brand name of JEET: Joyful Endeavoring Enterprising Team. Today JEET is a well known name in the vicinity. The students aspire to be a part of the team. It has given a chance to the students to acquire research, production, marketing and selling skills.

Not only the team has learn the art of business management but also has connected with the community. The earnings of  JEET are shared with the society. The students shared their earnings with the underprivileged children to bring smiles on their faces.

Enterprise Development has been more than just a project and an important tool in enhancing life skills in the students.



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