“We are a green team”,to emphasize this thought and inculcate the habit of taking care of mother nature, Social Science Department of Titiksha Public School organized a very informative and resourceful exhibition to spread awareness and sensitize the students of class IV-VIII on 4 August , 2018 in the school premises. The Principal, Ms. Vimmi Jolly inaugurated the exhibition.

The students prepared models on solar system to highlight and share the information related to it. Students took part in many zestful activities like map making to be familiar with many geographical features of India. ‘Best out of waste’ was the main attraction of the exhibition as through this the students tried to convey a strong message of ‘Refuse and Reuse ‘of plastics which cause severe damage to our environment. The students made various useful, eye catchy things like pen stands, piggy banks, flower pots which were really appreciated by all. They also made beautiful posters to reiterate the aims of various SDG goals. Related captivating videos were prepared to exhibit the tremendous hard work involved in the process. Above all it was a wonderful learning experience for the students as they got an exposure to showcase their creativity and become more responsible in future. Their extreme diligence and commitment towards a better society was incredibly lauded by the Principal, in charges and parents. They were inspired to take up more such ventures in future.


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