One of the most important dates in France is 14th July i.e National Festival of France. In English, it is called Bastille Day. Titiksha Public School arranged the special cultural and educational program for the students under the guidance of their teachers on 12th July 2018. The students celebrated the festival with a lot of vigour and enthusiasm. At the onset of program the students cheered wishing each other “Bonjour”- (Good Morning). French educators- Ms.Gunjan Agarwal and Ms.Kashish Narang extended their warm welcome to the Principal Ms. Vimmi Jolly and enlightened the students with interesting facts of France.  The students of classes VI to VIII put together a wonderful show, evidently to showcase their skill in speaking the language. Students dressed up as famous French personalities like Napoléon Bonaparte-French military man, Gustave Eiffel- a French civil engineer and architect, Joan of Arc-a national heroine of France, nicknamed “The Maid of Orléans” etc. These show stoppers of grade VII and VIII set the stage on fire by their eloquent introduction. The fashion parade was not only interesting but also very informative. The day culminated with thought provoking speech by the Principal, Ms.Vimmi Jolly, who inspired and motivated the students to explore more about this enchanted country, France.  Historical significance behind this day was presented by budding historians of grade VIII with the help of Power Point presentation- “STORMING OF BASTILLE” and “FRENCH REVOLUTION’’. All the kids were thrilled to watch the documentary which drove them back to the times of 17th century when brave people of Paris fought for freedom and justice. A poster making activity was held for the students and later an exhibition was done in the school through which the students presented and exhibited their talents. The spirit of happiness, joyfulness shone brightly when students presented cake, muffins, breads and another French dishes. This cheerful, fantastic extravaganza reinstated the most important motto of France Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, (Freedom, Equality, and Brotherhood) and essentially raised respect towards other’s culture by exploring more about it.


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