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FRENCH DAY 2017 (14th July)

Petit a petit, l’oiseau fait son nid.

(Little by little, the bird makes its nest)

French Day 14 July,2017 was marked with zealous participation of learners of various grades. Learners showcased models and projects prepared as a part of  subject enrichment in an exhibition  French movies and songs were also played in the exhibition. Beautiful table mats created by grade 8 learners labeled in French showing different emotions were displayed. Grade 7 learners exhibited 3-D projects on the topic SPACE with the elements of Universe labeled in French. Grade 6 learners presented beautiful calendars prepared in French.The exhibition showcased the creativity and imagination of young learners


Ahead of Independence day , thousands of tricolors are making their way  to various parts of the country, especially to Kashmir, to instil the unifying spirit of patriotism amongst Indians.

Sh. Sudhansu Suman, the National President of Ranchi Express and Ranchi Express Gram Sewa Founation, Sh Yogendra Yadav, Delhi President of Ranchi Express Gram Sewa Foundation along with their cavalcade took out a procession in the school premises with the vision of intensifying the spirit of patriotism in the school students. Mr Sudhanshu had started their mission on 2ndOct 2016 from Jharkhand  and till date has ignited 39,623 villages with love for Tiranga. He also promotes plantation and his slogan ’Jai Jawan Jai Kissan’  helps spread the message among masses to respect and support our farmers. 100 saplings have been planted by him at every place he visited to support afforestation. This comes across at a time when there is an ongoing turmoil in Kashmir, the rift with China, Maoist violence and numerous other sensitive issues.

Sh Sudhansu appreciated the students’ spirit and promised to take their messages to the Jawans at the border.


Leaders are not born but are made by experiences in life

To inculcate leadership qualities in the students and to give them a feel of functioning of administrative body,  School cabinet was formed in the Investiture Ceremony held on 11.08.2017.  Shivam Rana and Nikita Srivastava of class XII were selected as Head Boy and Head Girl, respectively. The Officiating Principal Ms Upasana Kinra administered the oath to the members of cabinet. She congratulated the school’s new apex body and advised them to balance their responsibilities with academics. She also advised them to lead other students and t the same time always remember that leadership comes with integrity.


The school celebrated 71st Independence Day with great zeal and enthusiasm befitting the occasion . The school’s officiating Principal Ms Upasana Kinra unfurled the Indian tricolor, thereafter the cultural program began. The school choir enthralled the audience with the patriotic song and poems recited by the students described the valour of Indian freedom fighters. The scintillating dance performance received much deserved applause from one and all. In her address, Ms Kinra said that true freedom means when we take responsibility and strive to work towards a corruption free and progressive nation


“Teaching is the kindling of fire not just the filling of a vessel.”

Titiksha public school witnessed a glorious morning celebrating the most memorable day for teachers…the life shapers…one who builds the way to Contentment. In the special assembly, the students presented a scintillating dance performance to show gratitude towards their teachers. The manager Ms Promil Bali and Offt. Principal Ms Upasana Kinra. inspired the teachers with motivational words. Students of class 12 acted as student teachers and carried out the responsibilities on the part of their teachers very diligently. In a formal celebration, the teachers gathered where they were awarded and appreciated by the honorable management of the school.

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