ARCHIVES Apr 2017- Jun 2017


A special assembly was organized in school on the occasion of ‘ WORLD HEALTH DAY ‘ ( 7th April 2017) based on the theme ‘ BEING HEALTHY’ . ‘MINDFULNESS ACTIVITY’ was also introduced to the learners to attain sound mental health which is the ultimate key to sound Physical health . Various activities like poster-making and just a minute speech were organised to sensitize the learners to stay fit and fine


The school students at Pro social Peer Moderator Program organized by Fortis Hospital, learning about ‘Media Literacy’ inculcating safe media practices,decision making and critical viewing through activities, role plays, art, interactive discussions,and posters.Hands on training to conduct workshops and activities for peers in school.

WORLD EARTH DAY 2017( 22nd April)

Learners at Titiksha celebrated World Earth Day in a special morning assembly for grade IV-X where they pledged to save Earth and its components. A song on Mother Earth and a street play on importance of cleanliness in our surroundings were presented in the assembly. The occasion was marked with various activities like slogan writing, pamphlet making, Poster making on the topic –Environmental and climatic Literacy.

Nurture the nature to make future better.


The school organised an invigorating workshop by Team Fortis to help our students of grade VIII and IX learn assertiveness and deal with peer pressure. The workshop was conducted by psychologist Ms Chitwan Singh on 29.04.2017

WORLD ASTHMA DAY 2017 (02nd May)

Prevention is better than cure.
On the occasion of World Asthma day,Learners of grade VIII conducted a workshop for the learners of grade IV to VII for making their peer aware on how to fight Asthma. Grade VIII learners were shown a video to educate them about causes, symptoms, and prevention of Asthma


The school participated in IIMUN Conference held from 4th May 2017 to 06th May 2017 at Billabong High International School .Radhika Yadav, Satyendu Verma of grade XI and Megha Sukhija of grade XII got Special Mention for their active participation and tremendous zeal .

WORLD RED CROSS DAY 2017(08th May)

A special assembly was organised in the school premises on the occasion of World Red Cross Day(8th May 2017) A speech was presented on the importance of the day. A Nukkad Nayak- AAJ ki PUKAR was enacted by learners to emphasize the importance of Blood Donation. Learners also pledged to save lives by promoting blood donation in the blood donation camp organised by Lion’s Club in the school premises.


The governing Council of the International Association of Educators for World Peace (Affiliated to United Nation:ECOSOC,DPI) and Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment(IIEE) conferred CLEAN ENVIRONMENT EDUCATION and PROMOTION AWARD upon the school on the auspicious occasion of WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY celebrations (5 June 2017). The award was received by Ms Archna Vashishth and Ms Upasna Walia on behalf of the school in presence of national and international dignitaries. The school was felicitated with the award based on the outstanding contribution of learners and educators in the field of environmental protection, cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation education

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