The Titiksha Logo comprises of three main elements interwoven by the core values of school in modern circular form. The three elements are simple and have a purposeful existence in our lives. An Open Book, the Lotus flower and the Bright Sun. The placement of the elements is strategic as they jointly communicate the motto of the school- “Rise to Shine”.

The objective of the motto is to inspire students to ‘Rise’ even in adverse conditions. ‘Shine’ signifies performance, brilliance and results.

Titiksha aims to build in its students the self-will and courage to continue rising amidst all adversities, which further helps them to excel in their respective endeavours and careers of choice.


Schools values have been derived from the meaning of Titiksha “Courage & self-will in adversity”. The three core values are: Remaining Positive – Being Perceptive – Keeping Progressive.


Titiksha ensures a positive approach to solve and manage challenges and thus cultivate a positive learning environment that helps students to mature socially and grow into consistent, dignified, respectful and self-reliant individuals with all possible leadership traits.


The school endeavours to instill a sensitive insight in its students, to take life in their own stride and be successful, balanced team workers.


The school advocates a progressive attitude in education and overall style of functioning. Students here are trained to be open minded & embracing the new, by being receptive to change and growth.