From Delhi to Singapore

The growing interconnectedness and interdependence of people and institutions throughout the world, referred to as globalisation, is a much visible phenomenon throughout the global society. Realising the essence of  holistic  approach, Titiksha Public School organized a 3 nights 4 days educational tour to Singapore. The Titikshans boarded their flight to Singapore and it eventually became a flight of ecstasy and enrichment. The itinerary broomed from Science Centre to Omni Theatre. The magnificent butterflies in “Butterfly Park” was a treat to the naturalists whereas the Typhoon Theatre rejuvenated our budding artists. Under the benign guidance of the Principal and the teachers, the exploring students enjoyed the sea-aquarium as they stood face to face with the ever-deepening marine life. The twelve times winner in adventure, Singapore Night Safari captured the young minds as they travelled in open trams through the dense forest. The spectacular Silosa Beach and East Coast Park left our team enthralled and enraptured. No doubt such planned excursions prove to be the spice of education and the recipe of success.


Titiksha Public School has been participating in School Enterprise Challenge for the past 4 years in a row under the brand name of JEET: Joyful Endeavoring Enterprising Team. Today, JEET is a well known name in the vicinity. The students aspire to be a part of the team. It has given a chance to the students to acquire research, production, marketing and selling skills.


The International Award for Young People (IAYP) is an organization that aims to “engage, equip, empower and reward” young individuals. It’s essence lies in the philosophy “to each according to the availability, according to his/her ability, according to the resources and according to the eligibility.” The award is about experiencing learning through individual changes.
The award can be pursued at three different levels- Bronze, Silver and Gold to be pursued by individuals above the age of 14, regardless of their background, abilities or circumstances. Over 11 million young people from more than 140 countries have participated in the award programme.
Titiksha public school feels pride in announcing that many students have enrolled themselves for various levels and have started participating in activities which will eventually help them only in their holistic development.