D.E.A.R. period

The more that you READ

The more things you will know

The more that you learn,

The more places you‘ll go.


Reading is a vital skill that supports many other skills; it expands vocabulary, allowing children to develop verbal and written communication skills. Reading gives wings to their imagination and creativity.

Keeping this in mind, we have introduced DEAR PERIOD in classes

Pre- School to 3.

DROP EVERYTHING AND READ period promotes selected reading for students. This period gives teacher a structured time to develop reading skills. During Dear Period students are given time to read and discuss stories with their peer group.

Benefits of Reading at early age –

  1. Reading at young age develops language skills.
  2. Exposure to reading exercises your child’s brain.
  3. Reading enhances a child’s concentration.
  4. Reading together encourages a thirst for knowledge.
  5. A range of books teach children about different topics.
  6. Reading develops a child’s imagination and creativity.
  7. Reading books with children helps to develop empathy.
  8. Reading together helps to create a bond.


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