Every child possesses one of the nine kinds of intelligences.’

– Howard Garner

For little ones, the curriculum aims to foster these intelligences through an ‘experiential learning’ approach. Facilitators focus on encouraging inquiry, exploration and inculcation of key skills such as creativity & imagination, critical thinking & problem solving, digital literacy and citizenship. The plans are designed to encourage team work through group activities which caters to each and every individual child.

For middle school and secondary school learners, the curriculum follows the education system laid down by CBSE. Within the framework, an approach to provide opportunities to broaden the horizon of knowledge and develop skills has been introduced. The curriculum encourages high order thinking, analytical and logical applications.  The curriculum is structured in a manner to keep the learner in tune with the ever-changing international trends.

A wide variety of subjects are offered to learners  at the senior secondary level so that learner nurtures best of his capabilities. The curriculum offered is strictly in accordance with CBSE guidelines