Edumarshal ERP

The school provides digital communication facility Eduarshal which is available through mobile app. Edumarshal ERP is an attempt to develop a smart association with the parents. It is a tool to bridge the gap between the teachers and the parents. The app ensures effective communication with parents and extends the classroom to parents.


Special Educator

Special education is a crucial constituent of today’s education. The School serves all kind of students and has a Special Educator that is involved in developing innovative procedures that drive education forward accommodating the students with desired goals.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance

The school campus (classrooms, entry , exit and other vital sites) are under the surveillance of closed circuit television to keep a close watch on happenings in the school which is necessary for safety and security of the child.

Security –our Priority

The school offers state of the art security solution. . Every visitor to the school needs to get himself verified using the mobile number. Hence anyone entering the school premises is verified and checked before accessing the entry in the campus.

Educomp Classrooms 

The school has fully equipped Smart Class Classrooms backed up with 24X7 electricity that offers a favorable support to the learners for understanding of the concepts that are imparted and comprehended at ease in a comfortable and cool classroom environment.

Medical Facilities

The school has a well equipped medical room to take care of emergencies if they arise. A qualified nurse is available full time for the first aid. The comprehensive medical checkup of all the students is an annual feature of the school.