A Day at Titiksha Public School

  • Free Play
  • Outdoor/Assembly
  • Fruit Time
  • Circle Time
  • Skill Time
  • Lunch Time
  • Theme Time
  • Reflection Time

Free Play

Play is the most natural way in which a child learns and develops. This period provides a time in which the child may interact with the other children and the teachers, engaging in activities of his or her choice. They are allowed to exercise their imagination skills and physical energy individually or in a group.



The Outdoor activity or the Assembly encourages following directions, taking turns, learning to be a good sport and the importance of rules. Gross motor skills and outdoor play activities are included in this period.


Fruit Time

This is to tell them about healthy and importance of fruits.

Circle Time

  • Circle Time includes “calendar & weather” update.
  • The children are exposed to the numbers, days of the week, months and special holidays.
  • Task Chart – Each day children are assigned small tasks.
  • It helps the children to recognize their name as well as giving them n opportunity to have a responsibility where they share their feelings with the educarer.


Skill Time

In this period we develop their skills like linguistic, logical, interpersonal, intrapersonal skills, etc.

Lunch Time

As we believe in inculcating good and healthy eating habits. We encourage them to bring healthy food .


Theme Time

Whole year we have 13 themes for which children are given detailed knowledge about that particular theme.

Reflection Time

At the end of the day in reflection time children discuss with their peer group and educators what they did, recite rhymes and listen to stories.